Bridge Scan

Control Point Associates, Inc. is pleased to announce we have earned the ACEC NJ’s Honor Award in the Small Project category for our work on the Burlington-Bristol Bridge.

The Burlington-Bristol Bridge is a truss bridge with a lift span crossing the Delaware River from Burlington, New Jersey to Bristol Township, Pennsylvania.  Control Point Associates, Inc was tasked to produce a highly detailed Revit model of the entire structure.  This model, associated data, and bridge inspections will be used to link bridge data reports, cameras, and sensors to structural elements for future retrieval.  The project required the use of CPA’s traditional survey methodology with our most advanced technology.

Deck Model (East Bound)
Scanning Operation at Night

There were many challenges faced that required careful planning to exceed the goals of this project.  Most of the work was performed during overnight hours to avoid bridge movement, which would have caused inaccurate measurements.  The immense amount of data collected in the field required dedicated servers and robust workstations to store, retrieve, and manipulate.

The documentation of the Burlington-Bristol Bridge is a truly unique project for many reasons.  It demonstrates how survey methods have vastly changed over a relatively short period.  Less than 40 years ago, surveyors were still using transits and steel tape to measure angles and distances.  We can now capture millions of measurements utilizing terrestrial high-definition three-dimensional laser scanners mounted on tripods and moving vehicles, creating a 3D model of an entire bridge.

Bridge Model

The overall goal of the project was to provide the Burlington County Bridge Commission with a visually interactive bridge monitoring system for their team of bridge engineers.  One of the central elements of the system envisioned by the Bridge Commission was a true three-dimensional model of the bridge superstructure and lift span.  Inside the 3D model are links to various imagery, live video feeds, repair history databases, and record drawings that the maintenance engineers and other team members can access in real time. Due to the detail and accuracy of the data and final deliverables, they will save time, money, and effort while maintaining the structural integrity of the bridge.

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Burlington-Bristol Bridge Scan Data