For this year’s #EarthDay, Control Point Associates, Inc. wanted to highlight its small effort in trying to make the country more eco-friendly.


Companies now realize that renewable energy is good for business, and they can achieve this by adding solar panels to their office roofs. Control Point Associates, Inc. utilizes our expanding UAV fleet to conduct roof surveys, without the need to step foot on a roof.

Between our Southborough and Boston offices, Control Point Associates, Inc. has completed several surveys for solar farms throughout New England. Some of our projects include five roofs within a warehouse distribution center and a warehouse roof approximately 8 acres in size. Both projects included taking high-resolution photographs of the area via UAV.


The photos were ground controlled based on a field run control traverse, and geo-referenced to the Massachusetts State Plane Coordinate System (NAD83). Planimetric features were located on each building roof with spot elevations referenced to NAVD88 will be provided. The information was collectively compiled into an appropriately scaled AutoCAD drawing. Also, a high resolution rectified orthophoto of the flight area was provided to the clients.

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