Chestnut Hall, originally the Pennsylvania Hotel, was built in 1922.  Located in the University City section of Philadelphia, it is currently used as apartments for college students.  Control Point Associates, Inc. was tasked with 3D laser scanning the exterior and partial interior of the 33,350-square foot, 10 story building.


The project required 7 days on site, which produced 75 scans and 200 gigabytes of raw data. Control Point Associates, Inc. utilized our Leica ScanStation P20 to gather all the necessary data.  All exterior architectural details and a partial interior scan data were reduced to a final 3D model.  One of the challenges faced was the high level of detail required.  The architectural details of the building – arches, awnings, and grooves on marble beams – were very labor intensive on the field crew.

The deliverables of the project, a detailed Revit model of the exterior and interior space, was provided to the client. This project is part of a larger effort to rehabilitate the entire property, creating affordable dorm rooms for the University of Pennsylvania.

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