Traditional Survey Services

Traditional Services

Control Point Associates, Inc. provides traditional surveys such as boundary, topographic, ALTA/NSPS land title and route surveys to its public and private sector clients. Employing the latest technology for field data collection including conventional and GPS equipment as well as specialized software for calculations and map preparation.

Boundary Surveys

Boundary Surveys establish the ownership bounds of a property. Tasks range from retracements of single parcels to creation of new parcels through land-subdivision on properties of varying sizes. Often, iron or concrete markers are used to set or restore boundary lines. Easements and encroachments are identified and marked for mapping.

Boundary projects can range widely in scope and complexity such as either a simple retracement of a single parcel boundary or the creation of new parcels through subdividing land ranging from two to several thousand new lots.

Topographic Surveys

Topographic Surveys are the measurement of three-dimensional locations of natural and manmade features within a site and preparing a deliverable of the site’s conditions that meet the client’s needs. These deliverables can be utilized for diverse purposes such as the basis of land planning, route planning, civil engineering design, architectural design, watershed and drainage analysis, as well as visualization renderings for the uses of residential, commercial and industrial developments.

ALTA/NSPS land title surveys present the legal components of a property including record boundary, easement descriptions, right-of-way, and other physical site conditions. ALTA/NSPS land title surveys are specifically tailored to the needs of the client and often the lender or the title company. Some surveys may include boundary and topographic information, monuments, FEMA flood zone designations, adjacent property owners, utility locations and right-of-way surveys.

Route Surveys

Route Surveys provide a wide range of applications such as for control surveys, route location support, right-of-way, legal descriptions, boundary and topographic surveys, GIS services, construction stakeout services, and construction as-built surveys. Field time of projects of significant distances can be reduced utilizing Control Point’s state of the art Mobile LiDAR technology and Photogrammetry services.

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