Ground Penetrating Radar

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) is a geophysical method of identifying the depth and location of metallic and non-metallic underground utilities and features.  This non-destructive method of subsurface locating can detect structures such as utilities, storage tanks, septic systems, voids, and other buried objects.  Our GPR equipment sends electromagnetic waves into the ground and detects the reflected signal from any underground features.  The data is then digitally processed and displayed on the GPR equipment’s screen, providing real-time results, while also being stored for analysis to create detailed subsurface maps if required.  Ground Penetrating Radar can scan large areas quickly and determine the depth and location of previously unknown objects.

Concrete Scanning Real-Time Results
GPR can also be used to locate rebar, conduit, and post-tension cables embedded in concrete.  Our handheld GPR equipment produces a cross-sectional view of objects embedded within concrete, as well as detecting voids and measuring slab thickness.  Our technicians scan concrete structures in real-time, providing immediate results right in the field. The GPR signal is harmless, requiring no special permits or exclusion zones, unlike traditional x-ray methods.

Ground Penetrating Radar Applications

Underground utility locating is a critical element to the success of every project.  State-sponsored “One Call,” or 811, typically only locates public utilities up to your property meter or point of service.  All private utilities are the responsibility of the property owner.  Control Point will locate all private and public utilizes on your property and produce high-quality utility maps of all subsurface features.

With our Ground Penetrating Radar equipment, we can:

  • Locate Underground Utilities
  • Locate Underground Storage Tanks
  • Locate Septic Systems
  • Locate Wells and Cisterns
  • Measure Concrete Thickness
  • Map Rebar Location, Size, and Spacing
  • Detect Voids and Settlement
  • Locate Unmarked Gravesites
  • Measure Pavement Thickness
  • Detect Geologic Features

Utilizing Ground Penetrating Radar For Your Project

Ground Penetrating Radar at a Construction SiteBeing able to know the location and depth of utilities helps manage risk and eliminate surprise encounters that bring construction projects to a halt.  Relying on utility company records can result in delays and inaccuracies.  The only way to keep your project safe from utility damage, plan revisions, and safety concerns is to utilize the Ground Penetrating Radar services provided by Control Point Associates, Inc.  Our utility locating technicians are trained extensively with all of our advanced technology, providing the best service possible.  We will guide you through the process of choosing the appropriate subsurface utility locating method for your project.

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