Construction Services

Construction Services

Construction stakeout is a crucial part of all construction projects. A contractor can only see the job site as a blank canvas. With the help of an experienced and qualified land surveyor, they will be able to ensure their projects are built according to plan.

Sometimes called a site layout survey, construction stakeout services create a visual layout of project plans on the property where improvements will be built. Staked reference points guide the construction of buildings, roads, walkways, curbs, plumbing, sewer structures, and more.

Control Point Associates, Inc. has extensive experience in providing diverse construction stakeout services including but not limited to excavation, underground utility location, roadways, bridges and tunnels, commercial and residential facilities.

Serving a multitude of public and private sector clients through the various stages of construction, Control Point Associates, Inc. utilizes state of the art equipment, offers on-site crew chiefs providing control critical to site layout. Upon completion of layout services, our survey technicians provide deliverables in any requested format needed for a successful project.

As a full-service land surveying, geospatial and consulting firm, our capabilities go beyond what most companies can do. Control Point Associates, Inc. can mobilize our OSHA certified crews when you need them most. Our heavy construction surveyors have over 25 years of experience each and their experience aides with the most challenging projects. Our in-house geospatial team can perform laser scan as-builts of the most detailed site conditions in areas that others can’t generally access.

Building Monitoring

Control Point Associates, Inc. provides building monitoring services for new construction and major renovation projects.  Our survey crews can monitor movement, deformation and erosion at a high level of accuracy.  Demolition and foundation work on a construction project can affect nearby structures, especially landmarked buildings, due to their age.  In New York City, the Technical Policy and Procedure Notice #10/88 requires surveying and monitoring of all landmark buildings within a 90’ radius of a job site.  A monitoring plan from Control Point Associates, Inc. allows our clients to respond to structural changes before they become serious issues, improving safety and avoiding costly damage.

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Control Point Associates, Inc. is one of the nation’s largest professional land surveying, geospatial, and consulting firms.  To learn more about our company, click here.  To view some of the other services we provide, please visit Our Capabilities page.  To check out some of our projects, visit  Our Innovation section.  Our mission is to provide high-quality, cost-effective services while delivering exceptional customer service to our clients.

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